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Dikhowmukh College is Situated about 5 k.m. away from the National Highway No.37 through the terminus of Gourisagar, by the side of the historic Bor Ali .A few kilometers ahead of the college is the confluence of the rivers Dikhow, Goriajan and Barhmaputra (Dikhowmukh) - a popular picnic spot and also the seat of religious unity, in the form of the famed Ajan Peer Dargah and Ramkha Peeth. The ‘Moglow’ tank in the heart of the college resurrects the glory of the Monipuri Princess Kuranganayani .The huge college campus with its serene surrounding ensures an ideal academic atmosphere.

The Dikhowmukh College nestles in a placid and serene village called Moglow, around 22 k.m. west of Sivasagar Town. It is an area inhabited by a heterogeneous people, mostly comprising SC, ST and OBCs. A traditionally riverine area, it is full of low-lying beels and wetlands. The climatic condition in the area is identical with that of the entire district - hot in summer and cold in winter. The area experiences heavy rainfall during summer.