Courses Offered

  A.General Courses


   1.Two-Year Higher Secondary in Arts 

   2.Degree Course in Arts(B.A)under semester system as implemented by D.U on its 103rd meeting of academic council 

   B.Other Course 

   1)- financing Course on indigenous Missing Fabric Weaving is offered for interested students including Bachelor of Computer                                        Application(BCA)and Bachelor of Mass Communication(BMC) a.Under Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University. 

   2)Bachelor of preparatory Programme (BPP) and parallel BA courses are also offered under distance learning model of K.K Handique State            Open University. 

   3)Self-Financing Courses on Computer Education provided at a nominal cost. These courses are made mandatory for H.S Section and                        optional for the section 

   4)Self-financing Certificate Course on spoken English is offered for interested students including the outsiders a.5.Selfoutsiders

 Higher Secondardary Course

   A student having the passed the H.S.L.C final/equivalent Examination from any recognized institution will be eligible for getting admission           into H.S First Year Class. 

   Degree Course 

   1) A student having the HSSLC final/equivalent from any recognized intuition will be eligible for getting admission into first semester B.A                class. 

   2) The cut of murk of any major subject is 40%. 

   3) The interested students will have to appear in a selection test conducted by the respective department before enrollment in the major                  classes. 

   4) Students may contact the respective department for detailed regarding the selection test and other criteria 5) The date of selection tests will      be notified and the list of the selected applicants will be published on noticed board


   Combination of Subjects


     Higher Secondary Course

      1 . Compulsory Subjects: - English, MIL (Assamese)/Alternative English           

      2. Optional Subjects : - Economics, Education, History, Political Science, Elective Assamese, Sociology.      

      * The students will have to select four subjects from the optional subjects mentioned above.      

      * Students will be allowed to take either History or Elective Assamese as one of the combina- tion of subjects.      

      * Computer Education is made compulsory only in the H.S. First Year,


   Degree Course 

      Non Major Course:

   Students enrolled for B.A non-major course shall be required to take four subjects out of which the subject indicated below i 

   a) are compulsory. Students have the option of choosing any two of the subjects given in (b) which will be treated as core-I and core-II 

  (a) i) General English ii)Mill/(Assamese)/Alternative English   

  (b) i)Education ii) Economics iii) Political Science  iv)Sociology v) HistoryMajor course 

  Students enrolled for B.A Major course shall be required to take up any one of the following major subjects: 

   i) Assamese  ii) Economics  iii) Education  iv) Political Science  v) Sociology 

   ·  MIL(Assamese)and General English are compulsory for all major students 

   ·  Except  General English ,and major subjects ,the students will have to opt for any one of the rest as core subjects 

   * Environmental Studies is compulsory for both Major & Non-Major students in 3rd Semester *

     Medium of Instruction:


   The medium of instruction HS classes will be both English Assamese and under graduate classes English is mandatory for Major 

   subjects. There might be some relaxation in case of core subjects .


   Examinatoin and evaluation: 


     HS Course

     Higher Secondary First Year Examination will be conducted the college itself and the Final Examination will be conducted by the Assam                 Higher Education Council. During the respective years the sessional examinations and other activities will be carried out by the college.


    Degree Course

    After every six month there will be one End-Semester Examination of 80% marks in each paper which will be conducted by DU. Remaining            20% marks are allotted for internal Assessment which will be based on components like in semester examinations, Semester, Seminars, and          Group Discussions etc. In between every semester the college will conduct two In-semester (Sessional) Examinations as per the Academic              calendar. Other academic Exercises will be conducted by the respective departments at their convenience.

    The general course structure for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) under semester system is as below: