Goals & Objectives of the College

  a. To impart quality higher education in this backward, flood-affected, tribal dominated area marred by insurgency and political turmoil. 

  b. To ensure an all round mental and intellectual development of the students inculcating in them civic and moral values. 

  c. To guide and enlighten the local populace with regards to social responsibility by evoking a sense of awareness among them. 

  d. To sensitize the local youth about the value of self-employment and self-reliance by introducing locally viable vocational and self-financing 


  e. To divert the modern youths from the growing indiscipline among the students by keeping them fully engaged in varied activities thereby 

  promoting integration. 

  f. To make the youths aware of the rich cultural heritage of this region. 

  g. To educate train, undertake research and provide service to community. 

  h. To adapt to the changing scenario by keeping pace with the latest in the field of higher education.


    Description of the Surroundings:

     The college is situated on the bank of the historic ‘Moglow’ tank- reminding one of the saga of Kuranganayani, the Manipuri princess 

     and the age-old link of Assam with Manipur. The college is 4.5 km away from NH no-37 through the terminus of Gourisagar. To the 

     north of the college is the historical Bor Ali, and to the south, east and west is the vast greenery of the paddy fields stretching far beyond 

     and lending it a touch of rare scenic beauty.

     Our Strength:

     Operating with considerable success in an area crippled by not only acute socio-economic backwardness and devastating floods, but also 

     a sombre history of political unrest and insurgency, the college has been hardened and adaptative enough to work effectively in the midst 

     of the worst of all odds. Its teachers have learned over the years how to motivate and mould the students in such an environment. The college 

     has managed to build up an academic atmosphere that facilitates both formal teaching and inculcation of discipline and civic responsibilities 

     among the students. We have successfully evoked in the people a wholesome image of student friendly, co-operative and forward-looking 

     college. The teaching and non-teaching staffs not only carry out their duties with a missionary zeal but also donate generously to support the 

     needy students, student-centric programmes and extension activities. The management though still sticking to the conventional patterns, 

     functions quite smoothly on both financial and academic fronts. The college has been patronizing important welfare activities for the 

     neighbouring area and as such it enjoys good will and co-operation of the local populace, which contributes to the proper functioning of the 

     college. Taking into account the general backwardness and poverty of our students, we have been offering our students the most competitive 

     and lowest fee structure in the entire district. We as a college are always in a mood of introspection and welcome any constructive criticism that 

     comes our way. We always try to give our students the best possible facilities on every front and ever willing to fine-tune and update ourselves for 

     that purpose.


    Future Expansion Plan:  




     We at Dikhowmukh College believe that to stand out in the rat-race for survival in the modern day world, one needs to have the right attitude

     and the proper training and guidance. One must learn to face the competitive world in a smart way from an early period. For that a student 

     is required to supplement his/her formal education with some professional, need-based, career-oriented courses. With this conviction the 

     college plans to introduce several self-financing and non-formal courses of study in the next decade keeping in view their viability and utility. 

     The academic programmes such as those of diploma in Office Management, Mushroom Cultivation, Food Processing, Cane and Bamboo 

     Furniture making, Screen Printing, Certificate course in Creative Writing and Rural Journalism, Tribal Textile and Folk Culture, Tourism etc 

     are proposed to be introduced in the next couple of years. Such programmes of study are going to help the educated unemployed youths to 

     find suitable career opportunities, it is believed. 

     Introduction of Science and Commerce streams is also being considered with utmost priority along with above mentioned courses. Among 

     other academic plans, the college will form an Internal Control Cell to ensure quality in academics. Research activities will be intensified 

     and encouraged among the teachers of the college. Internet service will be made accessible to all the departments in minimum possible time.



   • All major sections of the college will be computerized with one central server in the computer lab. 

   • The library will be equipped with all modern amenities and will be shifted to a separate building which is under construction. 

   • Separate boys’ and girls’ hostel will be constructed both in the campus and in its vicinity. 

   • Boys’ and girls’ common rooms will be equipped with modern facilities. • An independent open-air canteen will be constructed on the bank 

      of the Moglow Tank. 

   • Beautification of the Moglow Tank will be carried out with concrete benches and flower garden around it. 

   • New building will be constructed to accommodate new courses of study. 

   • A flood-free building with government grant will be constructed in the college where even the flood-stricken people of the area can also be                              accommodated and that will also serve as a temporarily rehabilitation centre.


    Mobilisation of Fund:

     It is needless to say that the accomplishment of all what has been proposed for future expansion both in the academic and infrastructural 

     front, the requirement of adequate and sufficient fund cannot be denied. Keeping in view the existing resource of the college, there is little 

     scope for mobilisation of fund. However, various sources for the same have been given priority. Some of them are: 

      a) Donors both individual and organisations. 

      b) Industrial organisations like ONGC and Tea Gardens. 

      c) Peoples Representatives (MLA/MP etc) 

      d) By engaging Alumni in various productive activities in and outside the college. 

      e) Agricultural farming in the cultivable lands of the college. 

      f) A book stall with stationeries within the campus of the college is also under consideration.