Principal's Column

 My dear students, teachers, parents and well-wishers, I take the opportunity of this space to welcome you all to Dikhowmukh College! 

 A huge area measuring approximately 2.4 acres, in the lap of Nature’s matchless grace and splendour on the historic Bor Ali is what   comprises the Dikhowmukh College. In one part of the vast campus is a big and beautiful historic tank known as ‘Moglow Pukhuri’, which   not only is reminiscent of a glorious saga of Assam’s History, but also lends a touch of serene beauty to the college. This tank is a winter   abode of a variety of migratory birds. In this picturesque ambience, the main buildings of the college stand on the bank of the tank. Behind   the placid and serene exterior of the Dikhowmukh College is hidden a gory history of fierce struggles for survival and viability in an   unpropitious environment.

Present principal I/C : Mr. Pabitra Kr. Dutta