Rules of the College

< No student as allowed to take any other full time course concurrently with the higher Secondary and degree course. Otherwise disciplinary will be taken. 

< A student must attend the required number of classes and participate in other academic activities according to college rules in each department,failing which he/she shall be debarred from appearing at the final examination. 

< Students are responsible for their conduct to the principal, to the members of the staff(teaching and non teaching) and to the fellow students.For any untoward conduct both inside and outside the college students will face appropriate punishment like warning,fineor even suspension from classes as well the college,if the situation demands so. 

< Students shall maintain perfect silence in the classrooms and desist from loitering in the corridors or veranda in front of the classrooms and office rooms. 

< Student shall take proper care of college property, furniture,electronic devices,sports,musical instruments and the premises. < Student shall park their their bicycles, scooters,motor,cars,locked in the shed provided for the purpose. 

< No society can be formed in the college without the permission of the principal nor shall any person be invited to address ameeting in the college without the prior permission of the college authority. 

< We do not encourage ragging. 

< Use of mobile phone inside the college campus is strictly prohibited. 

< Gotkha or any other other intoxicantsis strictly prohibited inside the college campus.  

Uniform for students: 

All students are required to wear college uniform as given below. 

Boys: White Shirts and Navy Blue Pants 

Girls:White chaddar with Navy blue border, Muga or Muga Colour Mekhela and Nevy blue blouse, White SuridarKurtta with navy blue border. 

Wearing of college Badge is mandatory for both boys and girls.